Why Bitcoin Yield TECHNOLOGY

Bitcoin Yield - Is the revolution of Profit Share Token and Privacy which uses the intelligent seclusion technology.


Security Level

Bitcoin Yield (BTCY ) uses the intelligent seclusion technology in which all the data are halved, encrypted, and administered across our multi decentralized seclusion blockchains.


Bitcoin Yield operates on an array of blockchains and nodes to centralize their functionality, implement strategies, supply and extricate data. However, It aids peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary. All transactions are assessed by network nodes through the use of cryptography and computed in a blockchain.


Profit Shared Tokens/Coins

Bitcoin Yield (BTCY) is built with latest algorithm using our decentralized blockchain, self-fulfilling smart contracts to share daily profit to all token holders of the day once the set amount of daily transactions is reached.

BTCY Open Source

Bitcoin Yield's opens source technology, built on the regulations of blockchain with a growing batch of validators and unlimited codebase would be publicly accessible for viewing and validation by anyone. It will permanently remain open-source and be strengthened by our ever-growing foundation.


Instant Payment

Bitcoin Yield subsidize a barely heightened block size while subsisting further incognito and secure than any other or existing Bitcoin-based currency without relinquishing transaction speeds.

BTCY Debit Card

Instant payment with the capacity of multi decentralized camaraderie with mobile electronic wallet and decentralized exchange, the debit card grants users the proficiency to relinquish money at any ATM worldwide through the use of our multi decentralized blockchain technology.

Token Distribution

Bitcoin Yield (BTCY) tokens are ERC20 tokens created on the Ethereum Network for the launch before the final swap when our mainnet launched.


Our Roadmap RoadMap

In the spirit of transparency and in good faith to the community, we want this roadmap to be made public.

October - December 2019

Team Formed

Idea & Researches

Adopted Blockchain Technology

January - May 2020


Legal Setup

June - July 2020

Official Website Published & Announced

Publish Smart Contract Address

Registration Portal Open

Free Initial Coin Offering

Token distribution to all participants

August, 2020

Token Listed On Exchanges

Release of Whitepaper

Launch Leader-Board

Profit Share Token Enabled

December, 2020

Mainnet Launch

Establish contract with advertisers

Quarter 2, 2021

Launch IOS & Android App

Quarter 4, 2021

Core Wallet 3.0 Release

Launch of BTCY Credit Card

Quarter 3, 2022

New website

Merchandise Online Store

Desktop Wallet

New RoadMap

Bitcoin Yield Team

Our synthetic team has handy for lightning blockchain technology with substantial users.
The foundation and administration teams are from well-known organizations and ultimate influencer in the cryptocurrency industry. Agreeing with Bitcoin Yield's innate emphasis on seclusion and profit share token to holders.

We won't cease until our innovation helps people all around the world.

Mike Mason
Founder & CEO
Henry Luis
Chief Technology Officer
Cloe Eric
Sales Director
William James
Marketing Coordinator


Why Distributing Free Token?

Bitcoin Yield is the future of blockchain that's built on the latest algorithm with Limited Supply. Our aim is to distribute the token freely in order to create scarcity of the token which help the increment of the token price as demand is high in the exchange.

Be a Bitcoin Yield (BTCY) holder and have a growth in your investment plus Profit Shared on every set amount of transactions daily which is to be accessible from your Leader-board.